Instruction Sheet - Part # 68035



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    Includes everything - Fabric top, Windows, Frame & Hardware plus exclusive Rampage accessories Replace your worn out top system or convert a hardtop to a soft-top and get organized in the process.


    Factory bow system and factory replacement fabric top insures easy installation using factory mounts and OE design belt rail attachment to seal out the weather.


    • Includes upgraded adjustable spreader bars (completely adjustable – tighten or loosen soft top as necessary)

    • Convenient interior zippered storage pockets – driver & passenger

    • Soft Top Storage Bag

    • Rear Tailgate bar has custom tonneau for hiding valuables and

    sealing top

    • Off Road Organizer that is custom designed with Jeep owners in mind to hold owner’s manual, tools vehicle registration, & other important papers.


Application:                                                Part #

76-86 CJ w/Full Steel Doors,                      68035BUY NOWAuto Parts WarehouseMorris 4x4 CenterSummit

Black Diamond w/Tint

  • WINDSHIELD CHANNEL (Tap for more info)

    • Protects soft top from sun when it's folded down

    • Snaps down over soft top and bows

Application                                              Part #

76-86 CJ                                                      901001BUY NOW

  • CALIFORNIA BRIEF TOP (Tap for more info)

    • Provides cover from the elements

    • Two great styles available, Mesh and Jeep matched top material

    • Durable quick release buckles for easy on, easy off installation

    • Stop the heat of the sun while keeping the cool breeze flowing with Summer Brief

    • Matching OE Style colors

    • Windshield channel required for all applications

Application                                                 Part #

M38A1 & CJ 5, Brief, Black                         90501BUY NOW


76-83 CJ 5, Brief, Black                               90601BUY NOW


76-86 CJ 7, Brief, Black                               90701BUY NOW

  • WIND BREAKER (Tap for more info)

    • Deflects air-up and over passenger area & reduces draft, noise and moisture

    • Features clear plastic windows for great rear visibility

    • Attaches to roll bar, lower cutout is secured with zipper

Application                                                Part #

76-86 CJ,, Gray                                             90011BUY NOW


76-86 CJ, Denim Black                                90015BUY NOW


76-86 CJ, Spice                                             90017BUY NOW


76-86 CJ, Diamond Black                           90035BUY NOW


76-86 CJ, Diamond Khaki                           90036BUY NOW

  • TONNEAU COVER (Tap for more info)

    • Tight fit eliminates flapping in the breeze

    • Protect gear from the elements and visibility to thieves

    • Boots seal around roll bar with Velcro®

Application                                               Part #

76-86 CJ w/hardtop, Velcro mount,        711001BUY NOW



76-86 CJ w/hardtop, Velcro mount,        711011BUY NOW


  • SPARE TIRE COVER (Tap for more info)

    • Protects spare tire from sun's rays - Available in a wide range of colors

    • Durable, 19oz Soft Top Fabric with adjustment cord in rear seam to insure snug fit

Application                                               Part #

27-29-inch Tire, Medium, Black              772901BUY NOW


27-29-inch Tire, Medium, Grey               772911BUY NOW


27-29-inch Tire, Medium, Denim Black 772915BUY NOW


27-29-inch Tire, Medium, Spice              772917BUY NOW


30-32-inch Tire, Large, Black                   773201BUY NOW


30-32-inch Tire, Large, Grey                    773211BUY NOW


30-32-inch Tire, Large, Denim Black      773215BUY NOW


30-32-inch Tire, Large, Spice                   773217BUY NOW


33-35-inch Tire, X Large, Spice                773517BUY NOW


33-35-inch Tire, X Large,                          773535BUY NOW

Diamond Black

  • WINDOW PANE - DISPLAY TIRE COVER (Tap for more info)

    • Clear Plastic Panel is permanently bonded to tire cover material – maintains protective seal and displays attractive Spare Tire Wheel

    • Durable, high quality, 19oz thick soft top fabric with adjustment cord in rear seam to insure snug fit

Application                                               Part #

30-32-inch Tire, Large,

Black Diamond w/display panel             783235BUY NOW


33-35-inch Tire, X Large,

Black Diamond w/display panel             783535BUY NOW

  • WINDOW & DOOR STORAGE BAGS (Tap for more info)

    • Window Bag Stores and protects side windows and framed soft upper doors

    • Full Door Bag protect full steel doors

    • Includes foam padding to prevent scratching

Application                                               Part #

All Jeep, Window Storage                         595101BUY NOW


76-86 CJ, Storage Bags                             595202BUY NOW

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